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Words // Tamara Kisha Tan DesignTAXI

Cars, like human beings, deserve a second chance.

Spanish creative agency Lola Madrid have made this a reality with their creation of the ‘Bicycled Bike’.

Instead of fashioning each Bicycled Bike with the usual material, they sourced for material from the junkyard.

Because each bike is fashioned from a different car (or several), each bike frame is unique.

The bicycle’s chain is a recycled car transmission belt; the reflective lights are made from ex-turn signals; car upholstery is used to cover the handlebar and seat, and the door handles get a new lease of life as swanky bike seat posts.

Here’s a video you can watch to get to know more about this project:

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Words // Jack Lowe HUH.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the famous London Underground, the London Transport Museum will be presenting 150 of the most significant posters created specifically for the tube. During this period, advertising designs changed greatly, leaving us with a rich archive of typographic and illustrative styles – including the first ever illustrated tube poster from 1908. In total there were 3,000 posters for a panel of eight experts (including representatives of TFL, the Victoria & Albert Museum, artist Simon Patterson, Paul Rennie of Central St Martins, and designer Brian Web). The final 150 were then curated by Anna Renton into six sections, each themes around a different aspect of tube operations.

Poster Art 150: London Underground’s Greatest Designs is on now and will run through 27 October, 2013.

London Transport Museum
Covent Garden Piazza

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Rivers of Hope

MOSCOW — As if Friday’s massive meteor explosion over central Russia weren’t enough, just hours later a large asteroid buzzed dangerously close to Earth.

And that evening, the California sky was lit up by a fireball, apparently entering Earth’s atmosphere.

It’s a barrage from space that has people asking: Are we ready for the big one?

Nearly 100 tons of space debris enters Earth’s atmosphere every day. Most of it burns up or falls harmlessly into the ocean, but experts still worry that eventually something big will come our way.

PHOTOS: Meteorite Crashes in Russia

epa russia meteor Chebarkul lake jt 130217 wblog Russian Meteor: Close Encounters and Plans to Prevent ImpactsImage credit: Chelyabinsk Region Branch of Russian Interior Ministry/HO/EPA

The prospect of Earth getting hit by a giant hunk of space rock is concerning enough that the United Nations is gathering top minds in Italy this week to discuss it.

Scientists say the idea of blowing up an asteroid — as Bruce Willis

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Rivers of Hope


WASHINGTON(AP) — NASA says the International Space Stationhas lost contact with NASA controllers in Houston. Officials say the six crew members and station are fine and they expect to fix the problem soon.

NASA spokesman Josh Byerly (BYE’ehr’lee) said something went wrong around 9:45 a.m. EST Tuesday during a computer software update on the station. The outpost abruptly lost all communication, voice and command from Houston.

About an hour later, while flying over Russia, station commander Kevin Ford was able to briefly radio Moscow that all was well and they were working on the problem.

Byerly said the problem should be fixed today. Until then, astronauts can talk with Moscow control for a few minutes every 90 minutes.


By SETH BORENSTEIN | Associated Press

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Rivers of Hope

Martyrdom of St. ValentineToday we exchange cards expressing love or appreciation for one another. According to tradition, on this day, February 14, 269, a young man named Valentine was executed in Rome for his faith. But what does our exchange of sentimental cards have to do with a third century martyr?

Actually, the connection is not at all clear. Valentine was martyred the day before the pagan festival to the goddess Februata Juno at which boys drew girls’ names for acts of sexual promiscuity. Were legends about the martyr’s death modified to replace the heathen custom? No one knows for sure. In fact, there may have been two or even three martyrs named Valentine who died in different parts of the empire at about the same time. We know little or nothing about any of…

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News that matters

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Hours after a meteor exploded over Russia and injured  more than 1,000 people and an asteroid passed relatively close to Earth,  residents in California reported seeing an unusual flash of light over the San  Francisco Bay area that left many startled and thrilled.

Source: WPTV

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – Many South Floridians reported seeing a flare-like  object in the sky Sunday night, and one person may have captured it on  video.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s command received several reports of a possible meteor  shower at about 7:30 p.m. from Jacksonville to Key West.

Source: WPTV

CUBA A day after a stunning meteorite tore through the skies above Russia, causing widespread damage and hospitalising scores of people, sightings of fireballs have been reported by residents in California and on Cuban state television.

Source: Guardian UK

My comment:

For those of you who’d like to view the…

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