The Middle East and Beyond

I haven’t written much recently for various reasons, but the primarily because language learning isn’t as romantic or eventful as it initially seems it would be.

It is a fascinating and infuriating experience all at the same time. Progress seems so certain yet so elusive. Whenever you feel you have something “down,” you just have to wait a few days (or hours) to see the irony of that misconception. Eventually you look back and realize that you can say more than you used to be able to say, you’re just not really sure how.

The beginnings of language learning are always so exciting. You’re learning how to greet people, introduce yourself, and order food (and the essentials like finding the bathroom). You feel smart, capable, and charming. Many native speakers appreciate your (admittedly horrible) attempts at speaking and life just feels good.

And then you realize that you actually can’t…

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