Rivers of Hope

Pieces of a meteorite are seen in a laboratory in Yekaterinburg on Monday, Feb.18, 2013.
AP Photo/ The Urals Federal University Press Service, Alexander Khlopotov

From amateur astronomers to space junk traders to Canadian satellites makers to dashboard cam enthusiasts, the flaming Russian Meteorite has captivated the whole planet by offering a little something for everyone. Never in the history of things falling out of the sky, have people been so excited about a simple chondrite that’s 10 percent metallic iron and nickel alloy.

Almost immediately after the10-ton space rock burned up in the skies over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Friday enterprising rock hounds began offering pieces of the meteorite for sale online. Some were asking as much $10,000, but as always when buying souvenirs that can easily be mistaken for regular old Earth rocks, let the buyer beware. We know it’s hard to believe that someone operating an anonymous auction out of Central Russia might not be on the up-and-up, but best to consult your local…

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